Demonstrations Stir Fear Among Egypt's Copts

Demonstrations Stirs Fear Among Egypt's Copts
(NPR, 2/9/11, hat tip @eurodollari)

That view is one shared by many Copts, who account for some 10 percent of Egyptians. They say Mubarak and his Cabinet are being made to answer for past wrongs. But they also worry that Islamist groups long suppressed by the Egyptian government will gain enough power to turn Egypt into a fundamentalist state — subject to Islamic laws and hostile toward religious minorities like the Copts.

  • Coptsクリスチャンはエジプト全体の10%。彼らは、ムバラクが去ったあと、エジプト政府から長いこと抑圧されてきたムスリム同胞団がエジプトを原理主義国家に変えるパワーを得て、イスラム法を適応しCoptsクリスチャンのような宗教的マイノリティに敵対的になるのではないかと懸念している。

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